Pallet Racking

Why choose pallet racking?

  • Pallet racking, also known as a pallet racking system, is an excellent solution for businesses looking for efficiency and organisation in their storage spaces. Widely employed in industrial and warehouse settings, and offers a systematic approach to storage needs.
  • Allows businesses to make the most of their storage space with pallet racking. By vertically stacking pallets, businesses can increase inventory storage within the same workspace, allowing quick loading and unloading of pallets from storage bays using forklifts and other lifting equipment.
  • Offering diverse configurations, a warehouse pallet racking system enhances accessibility by minimising required floor space through dense vertical storage options such as push-back racking. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the best solution for their business requirements.
  • We supply high-quality pallet racking systems to withstand wear, pressure and damage without losing its effectiveness or quality. Constructed from robust materials such as Steel, they offer outstanding durability and longevity ensuring reliable performance long term. This results in savings for businesses from reduced maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Offering scalability, a pallet racking system enables businesses to expand their system as they grow. It’s ideal for establishing a well-organised, safe, and tidy storage space for your business. To learn more about how pallet racking can benefit your business. Call our experts today on 0800 027 1966.
Industrial pallet racking systems

Pallet Racking from NSI

Are you looking for a bespoke solution tailored for your business? We have a wide range of pallet racking to choose from in various sizes. These include: heavy-duty, modular and adjustable pallet racking ideal for use in industrial and warehouse spaces.

Getting the basics right for any racking project is crucial for every racking project, and that’s precisely what we focus on when designing a customised solution for your business. We can liaise with your team and forklift supplier, perform a thorough analysis of your operations to determine the most suitable industrial pallet racking system for your business needs.

Our pallet racking systems include:

Wide aisle pallet racking.
Narrow aisle racking.
Cantilever racking.
Pallet live and push back racking.
Drive-in racking.
Anti-collapse and racking mesh for all your safety needs.

Due to the special care that needs to be taken in the component selection, design and industrial pallet racking installation. Our specialist team will work closely with your business to ensure you achieve the perfect warehouse setup tailored to your needs and the specification of your building.

Multiple mobile racking units in a warehouse

We Are SEMA Approved

We have been awarded a Highly Commended Status by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA).We only use SEIRS qualified installation teams and ensure that all products and systems designs conform to the SEMA quality programme.


Why Use NSI Projects?

NSI Projects have over 40 years of experience in delivering great projects in racking and shelving, mezzanine floors for office or storage, automated storage systems, industrial steel partitions and commercial interiors.

Aerosol and explosives cages installed in a warehouse

Aerosol and Explosives Cages

NSI can design and install all types of aerosol storage cages to satisfy Insurance Company and Building Control/Fire Officer requirements.

Shuttle racking system in a large warehouse

Shuttle Racking System

For clients for whom ultra-high density pallet storage is important, a shuttle racking system can be the answer. The concept is based around the fact that the forklift never enters the racking, individual pallet movements being conducted on intelligent RF guided shuttles that operate on rails millimetres below each pallet.

NSI rack repair inspection

Pallet Racking Repairs

NSI undertake all types of pallet racking repairs for a number of national companies across their portfolios, as part of a holistic system of rack safety.

Male supervisor with paperwork walking in a warehouse

Racking Inspections

Racking Inspections are integral for rack safety. They are undertaken by our SARI qualified inspector to maintain H&S standards.

Tall pallet racking decking unit

Pallet Racking Decking

Warehouse pallet racking decking can be used to provide additional support to pallets that don’t naturally overlap.

A blue pallet live racking unit

Pallet Live and Push Back Racking

Pallet live racking and push back pallet racking are commonly chosen warehouse storage solutions to maximise space in the warehouse flow process.

Narrow-aisle racking in multiple sections in a warehouse

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow aisle pallet racking and very narrow aisle racking (VNA) can offer some of the same flexibility as wide aisle racking.

Multiple mobile racking units in a warehouse

Mobile Racking

Mobile pallet racking systems are assembled by mounting individual runs of the rack onto heavy-duty mobile racking bases equipped with electric motors running on tracks embedded in the warehouse floor.

Drive in racking for fort lift trucks

Drive-in Racking

For a cost-effective solution for storing palletised goods within a limited space in your warehouse or business. Drive-in pallet racking offers a relatively low cost per pallet stored.

Outdoor cantilever racking storing wood

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is generally designed to maximise storage capacity, accessibility and presentation of long or irregular items.

Anti-collapse racking mesh

Anti-Collapse and Racking Mesh

We can supply and install the more traditional steel panels, anti-collapse mesh for racking system or increasingly the more flexible anti-collapse netting system, supplied in a range of sizes.

Wide-aisle pallet racking with a fort lift storing goods

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

The most commonly used system for storing palletised unit loads is wide aisle pallet racking. Fast throughput and ease of unloading/loading, make wide aisle racking extremely popular.

Pallet Racking Ancillaries

We supply and fit a wide range of complementary products including:-

Column guards and aisle end protection, anti-collapse mesh or netting, pallet racking decking, rack signage, hand pallet trucks and mechanised hand pallet trucks.

Tall pallet Racking for warehouse storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Adjusting Your Pallet Racking System

Yes. The flexibility of pallet racking lies in its adjustable beam heights, typically set at 75- or 50-mm centres. But we advise consulting us beforehand to ensure compliance with the supplier’s design criteria construction manual. Updating the load notification board is crucial when implementing any changes only after signed off approval from the system manufacturer / supplier which should be obtained before the alterations are made.

As members of the SDG (SEMA Distributor Group) and with a duty of care for the staff that operate this racking system we pride ourselves on giving industry-best advice, and strongly recommend that any racking installations, alterations or repairs are carried out only by trained SEMA qualified SEIR’S installers.

Protecting Your Investment

To safeguard your pallet racking from potential damage, consider installing steel column guards for the frames and rack end protection for the ends of the aisles. These proactive measures go a long way in preserving the structural integrity of your system.

The SEMA code of practices for rack protection 2014, recommends as a minimum, corner upright protectors on all FLT routes, aisle end protection on run ends where goods are stored and all other vulnerable areas by risk assessment.

However retrospectively fitting guards can actually make a system less safe and lead to a reduction in safety in some instances.

Understanding the Components

The racking structure comprises two primary components: frames and beams. Frames are the vertical part formed by two post uprights and interconnecting bracing sections, with a typical width of 900mm or 1100mm. Beams, on the other hand, are the horizontal elements that support the pallets.

Load Capacity Considerations

The load-bearing capacity of frames and beams is determined at the point of sale, ensuring the system caters adequately to most storage needs. For heavier loads, a more robust structure can be supplied, tailoring your pallet racking to the specific demands of your operation.

Loading capacity is dependant on several factors that should be captured in the design stage not point of sale such as frame duty and beam section / type however  simply adjusting beam levels up or down can have massive effect on the structures capacity.

For example you can have a bay rated at 16,000kg but by moving the first beam up, this may bring its maximum safe load down to 8000kg or 6000kg.

Securing the Structure

Frames are securely anchored using floor bolts, fitted through a base plate attached to the bottom of the post on the frame. The choice of base plates varies according to different load applications, ensuring the stability and safety of the pallet racking system.

Addressing Structural Changes

Any exposed floor bolts, when equipment is relocated or modified, are ground down to floor level to eliminate trip hazards, maintaining a safe working environment for your team

Dealing with Damages

In the event of damage, we recommend reaching out to a competent professional to assess the situation, our expert team at NSI Projects along with our SEMA approved racking inspector can advise and help when structural damage is identified, so ensuring the continued reliability of your pallet racking system.

Load Notification Boards

Load notice boards, strategically placed at the end of racking systems, provide crucial information on maximum critical load capacity, safety warnings, and system maintenance guidelines. These boards serve as a visual aid for equipment operators, promoting safe and efficient warehouse practices.

Using Pallet Racking Outdoors

For outdoor applications, we recommend opting for a structure with a galvanized finish to prevent rusting over time. Additionally, the ground surface should be concrete rather than tarmacadam, and load calculations must account for potential wind and snow effects.

Understanding the ins and outs of pallet racking is paramount for efficient warehouse management. From installation to maintenance and addressing unforeseen circumstances. Making informed decisions will optimise your storage space and ensure the longevity of your pallet racking system.

Case Study

Bulk Powders Automated Shuttle Pallet System

NSI Projects designed, procured and managed the installation of an automated pallet shuttle system from start to completion.

DHL- Canton Lane tall pallet racking sytsem installed
Case Study

DHL- Canton Lane

NSI Projects were challenged to increase pallet storage quantity at DHL Canton Lane, the project was delivered successfully to the clients 'specifications and approval, on time, safely, and within budget.

Case Study

Fortune Brands

The construction of their new warehouse represented a pivotal moment for Fortune Brands business operations in the UK. A crucial aspect of their warehouse optimisation was the installation of a full pallet racking system, ensuring efficient storage and easy accessibility.