Automated Storage Systems

Automated Storage Systems The 3 Main Categories

Automated Storage Towers/Shuttles consist of two stacks of densely packed shelving with a central rapid retrieval crane to present trays to a pick face. Speeds are increased and opportunities are created to constantly maximise storage density in real-time through height-optimised put-away systems.

Vertical Carousels remain a highly cost-effective solution for utilising as much height as possible in your small parts storage. Working on the goods-to-man principal and using fixed apertures, they can reduce the footprint dedicated to storage massively, with all the same security and waist height handling benefits.

Horizontal Carousels – if maximum pick rates per operator are your main driver rather than minimising the footprint, the pick rates achieved by a well-designed horizontal carousel can be among the quickest. Horizontal Carousels can also be stacked on top of each other on mezzanines or structural steel to utilise height as well.

Automated storage Kardex Remstar system

Horizontal and Vertical Carousels

Our customers can be surprised that Horizontal Carousels can deliver one of the most rapid presentations of goods to man.

Kardex shuttle XP 1000

Kardex Shuttle

Kardex Shuttle, a computer-controlled automated storage and retrieval system. It is modular in construction and works on the ‘goods to person’ principle.

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