Cantilever Racking

Storing Irregular Items

Cantilever Racking is used to store items such as timber, steel, aluminium, plastics, boats and cars.

With a product life of over twenty years, this can be incorporated into a business’ long-term expansion plans. All sizes and loadings of cantilever racking are available:

  • Heights of up to ten metres
  • Infinite cantilever rack lengths
  • Arm lengths of 0.5 metres to 2.5 metres
  • Carrying capacity to customer’s requirements, very heavy duty loads if required.

We will install your cantilever racking with zinc plated bolts to secure in position and with arms being adjustable to ensure flexibility. Cantilever racks are available in any colour and fully designed to suit your individual requirements. We have extensive experience in the supply and installation of heavy-duty cantilever racking around the UK, ensuring you peace of mind when making your racking decisions.

Outdoor cantilever racking

Outdoor Galvanised Racks

Cantilever racking can also be used outside with galvanised racks.

To help stop rain and snow from settling on your stock we can put canopies on the cantilever rack tops.






Cantilever Systems Provide Flexible Storage

A cantilever rack can provide a very flexible storage system and can achieve high returns on investment with continuous savings and productivity gains.

  • Increases capacity with heights of up to ten metres.
  • Visibility and easy access to all stock
  • Reduced wastage with product stored and handled correctly
  • Increased efficiency which reduces cost and raises productivity
  • Versatility of function allowing conversion from a single to double-sided rack or visa versa
  • Replacement of any damaged components is quick and economical


Aerosol and explosives cages installed in a warehouse

Aerosol and Explosives Cages

NSI can design and install all types of aerosol storage cages to satisfy Insurance Company and Building Control/Fire Officer requirements.

Shuttle racking system in a large warehouse

Shuttle Racking System

For clients for whom ultra-high density pallet storage is important, a shuttle racking system can be the answer. The concept is based around the fact that the forklift never enters the racking, individual pallet movements being conducted on intelligent RF guided shuttles that operate on rails millimetres below each pallet.

NSI rack repair inspection

Pallet Racking Repairs

NSI undertake all types of pallet racking repairs for a number of national companies across their portfolios, as part of a holistic system of rack safety.

Male supervisor with paperwork walking in a warehouse

Racking Inspections

Racking Inspections are integral for rack safety. They are undertaken by our SARI qualified inspector to maintain H&S standards.

Tall pallet racking decking unit

Pallet Racking Decking

Warehouse pallet racking decking can be used to provide additional support to pallets that don’t naturally overlap.

A blue pallet live racking unit

Pallet Live and Push Back Racking

Pallet live racking and push back pallet racking are commonly chosen warehouse storage solutions to maximise space in the warehouse flow process.

Narrow-aisle racking in multiple sections in a warehouse

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow aisle pallet racking and very narrow aisle racking (VNA) can offer some of the same flexibility as wide aisle racking.

Multiple mobile racking units in a warehouse

Mobile Racking

Mobile pallet racking systems are assembled by mounting individual runs of the rack onto heavy-duty mobile racking bases equipped with electric motors running on tracks embedded in the warehouse floor.

Drive in racking for fort lift trucks

Drive-in Racking

For a cost-effective solution for storing palletised goods within a limited space in your warehouse or business. Drive-in pallet racking offers a relatively low cost per pallet stored.

Anti-collapse racking mesh

Anti-Collapse and Racking Mesh

We can supply and install the more traditional steel panels, anti-collapse mesh for racking system or increasingly the more flexible anti-collapse netting system, supplied in a range of sizes.

Wide-aisle pallet racking with a fort lift storing goods

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

The most commonly used system for storing palletised unit loads is wide aisle pallet racking. Fast throughput and ease of unloading/loading, make wide aisle racking extremely popular.

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