Fortune Brands

The Challenge

Our client, Fortune Brands Innovations are an American brand based in Illinois, just north of Chicago they are a world leader focused on exciting, supercharged growth opportunities within the home, security, and commercial building markets, and as part of a planned European growth strategy embarked on the construction of a new warehouse to accommodate their expanding inventory. Recognising the importance of an organised storage system, they sought a robust pallet racking solution that would maximise space and facilitate seamless inventory management.

The Approach

Prior to the installation, our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of the warehouse space. This involved evaluating the floor layout, ceiling height, and the specific storage requirements of the client. The goal was to tailor the pallet racking system to the unique needs of the client, ensuring optimal utilisation of the available space.

Based on the assessment, a customised pallet racking design was developed, considering factors such as product dimensions, weight-bearing capacity, and the frequency of item retrieval. The design aimed to create a systematic storage layout that would enhance operational efficiency and minimise the risk of errors during order fulfilment.

The Outcome

Upon completion of the installation, a thorough quality control check was conducted. This involved assessing the stability of the pallet racking system, checking for any potential hazards, and ensuring that each component met the specified load-bearing requirements. Rigorous testing was performed to validate the system’s ability to withstand the demands of a dynamic warehouse environment.

The successful pallet racking installation significantly enhanced the warehouse’s storage capacity and retrieval efficiency. The tailored solution not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, leading to a high level of satisfaction.