Industrial Shelving

Choosing The Right Industrial Shelving

Our team of professionals have in-depth knowledge about industrial warehouse systems. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in organising and storing their inventory. We have carefully designed our range of shelving systems to address these needs effectively.

You can rely on our experts to offer reliable and practical storage solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. To book a free no-obligation site visit from NSI Projects to advise you on which industrial shelving system would best suit your business requirements. Why not call our team today on 0800 027 1966 or alternatively fill out our contact enquiry form.

Automotive storage industrial shelving

Our Industrial Shelving Systems

NSI Projects based in Lancashire supplies a huge range of quick and easy-to-install industrial shelves from a variety of reputable manufacturers. They are available in a variety of sizes, colours and weight load capacities. Our storage shelves are built to withstand heavy loads and frequent usage.

These include Dexion, Link 51, Redirack, Apex Linvar, Stow, AR, Planned Storage, Rapid Racking and many others.

Warehouse industrial hall racking storage racks

Types Of Industrial Shelving

The type of industrial shelving used depends on various factors such as the types of goods being stored, available space, and operational requirements.

Here are some common types of industrial shelving used in industrial warehouses:

Automotive shelving can be customised for industrial use, offering organised storage for automotive parts, tools, and equipment in workshops, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

Budget shelving offers versatility for various storage needs in industrial settings, with easy assembly, adjustment, and reconfiguration. Despite its affordability, it maintains quality and durability, making it ideal for smaller warehouses, workshops, or storage rooms where heavy loads aren't a primary concern.

Carton live storage is a dynamic storage system designed to reduce operative picking and replenishment in industrial warehouses. It uses inclined gravity-fed rollers or tracks to transport cartons or bins along a flow lane.

Heavy-duty steel shelving, engineered to endure substantial loads and constant usage, is a prevalent choice in industrial environments for storing large or bulky items requiring sturdy reinforcement.

Long Span Shelving offers versatile storage solutions in industrial settings. It's suitable for storing medium to heavy items and provides easy access to stored materials, making it ideal for warehouses, factories, and distribution centres.

Mobile shelving systems, also known as compact or high-density shelving, feature shelving units mounted on carriages that move along rails. This design maximises space utilisation and improves organisation in industrial settings, enabling efficient storage solutions.

Automotive shelving with racks of tires

Automotive Shelving

The right choice of automotive shelves allows the storing of both the simple small automotive parts and the more awkward tyres, exhaust and body parts.

Budget steel shelving

Budget Shelving

Our budget shelving range is a great economic solution and is easily assembled on site.

Carton live storage unit with rollers

Carton Live Storage

Carton Live storage is designed to reduce operative picking and replenishment movements in the warehouse. It can also significantly increase storage density.

Heavy duty shelving

Heavy-Duty Shelving

This is the most resilient shelving option for the storage of heavy goods.

Long span shelving units

Long Span Shelving

Whether you’re planning a simple low-rise shelving set-up or a large-scale heavy-duty storage facility, long-span shelving could be a perfect choice.

Mobile shelving - multiple movable shelving units

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving can save you up to 60% of costly office floor space or commercial space.

We Are SEMA Approved

We have been awarded a Highly Commended Status by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA).

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NSI supply a huge range of over 20,000 items of workplace equipment to help fully equip your premises from one, easy to deal with source.

Why Choose NSI Projects for Industrial Shelving?

For over 40 years, we have been delivering great projects in helping businesses in Lancashire, the North West, and across the UK to solve their warehouse challenges. With a proven and trusted track record in our industry, you can rely on us to find the right warehouse racking and shelving system to meet your business needs.

Still not sure about which industrial rack shelving system best suits your business requirements? Why not call our team today on 0800 027 1966 or alternatively fill out our contact enquiry form to book a free no-obligation site visit from NSI Projects.

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