Racking Inspections

Why Inspect Your Racking

All pallet racking should be properly maintained and in good order. Racking safety inspections are required to comply with the PUWER (The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) guidelines in order to maintain health and safety standards and to prevent or minimise the effect of accidents in the workplace.

The regulations clearly state that racking should be regularly inspected by a person proven competent to do so.

In addition to helping to provide a safe environment, a regular inspection and maintenance program will also help to ensure the continuity of your operation and therefore your ability to service your customers.

The majority of our customers elect for an annual formal racking inspection by our qualified SARI (SEMA Authorised Rack Inspector), however, in incidents of high traffic or high damage, these formal inspections will be carried out every 6 months.

Benefits of Regular Rack Inspections

All racking inspections are carried out in accordance with SEMA Racking Inspection guidelines and ensure your racking is compliant with the law.

We offer a fast, efficient pallet racking inspection service from a SEMA-approved rack inspector (SARI). This is backed up by a detailed rack inspection report and comprehensive rack damage summaries which break down the damage by both risk level and type.

A formal notice of all RED RISK items is issued on the day of the inspection so immediate action can be taken by you to offload an unsafe rack.

NSI also offer customised onsite pallet rack inspection training allowing you to conduct your regular internal weekly and monthly inspections in compliance with HSE guidelines and defined in HSG 76.

NSI can also carry out mezzanine floor safety inspections.

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