DHL - Canton Lane

The Challenge

DHL Canton Lane had a need to increase their pallet storage quantity due to the introduction of multiple new customers at their Canton Lane site, and to continue their operation for existing contracts, the project needed to be completed with minimal or no disruption to the daily operation of the site. Their existing racking layout and beam pitches were not optimised for future MHE and pallet sizes, but DHL wanted to re-use as many existing components on site.


DHL- Canton Lane wide ailse pallet racking installed

The Approach

DHL approached NSI to re-design their existing layout to meet their required pallet count. The NSI project team planned to narrow existing aisles (to meet requirements for their MHE/forklifts), add additional beam levels to exiting bays (all engineered/ designed checked with manufacturers before we quoted), add timber decks to hold varying pallet dimensions (design checked to support pallets between the beams- called a point load), and turn existing single rack runs into back to back’s. With the newly created space, NSI installed multiple new pallet racking runs with aisle end barriers and column guards to add additional pallet storage locations. All the dilapidations and install were safety sequences around DHLs ongoing operation,

DHL- Canton Lane wide shot of large pallet racking installed in their warehouse

The Outcome

The challenge to increase pallet storage quantity was delivered successfully to the clients’
specifications and approval, on time, safely, and within budget.

DHL- Canton Lane warehouse with new tall pallet racking