Horizontal and Vertical Carousels

Partnered with Kardex Remstar

NSI are delighted to partner with Kardex Remstar to supply step-change picking solutions.

A horizontal carousel makes optimal use of the existing room length. The central access opening positioned at the front of the carousel and the arrangement of the machines in ‘picking stations’ give the picker fast access to the stored goods on a minimal footprint. This reduces the travel time usually needed for personnel working with a conventional shelf storage system.

Height can also be utilised by stacking one or more on top of each other supported by mezzanine platforms or other steel support structures, all of which NSI can design, supply and install.

Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousels

Permanent Access to Goods

Another advantage of this technology is that all horizontal carousels belonging to one picking station work simultaneously. This guarantees permanent access to goods and reduces unproductive staff waiting times to a minimum.

The efficiency of the order picking depends on linking the carousel with intelligent warehouse management software (e.g. Kardex Remstar Power Pick Global) and using various optical display elements such as pick to light or laser pointers.

There are many options to ensure your horizontal carousel is specifically designed for your business and operation. Picking performance can be improved even further if picking strategies such as ‘batch picking’ are applied.

Manpower Savings

Such an investment can represent a step-change in your operation, with rapid payback on manpower savings, improved use of footprint and bringing multiple safety and accuracy improvements.

Projects tend to be of quite a long gestation and solutions are unique to each customer. The specification and design need to not just look to the future, but also manage the need to build and operate to ensure the business continues to function through the transition period.

You need a patient partner who will work with you closely on such a plan over a period of many months and will help build the business case to support the ROI for a horizontal carousel investment business case. NSI are that partner.

Benefits of Horizontal Carousels

  • Optimised Picking: Picks are organised for efficient picking to speed pick times and increase throughput
  • Improved Accuracy: Pick-to-light technology improves accuracy to 99.9%.
  • Save Space: Save up to 60% of floor space
  • Flexibility: Easily adjust workstation configurations to meet peak season picking requirements
  • Extend Order Cut-Off Time: Extend order cut-off times due to increased throughput

Speed up Picking Times

To further speed up picking times, two or more horizontal carousels are often used in an integrated workstation with software and pick-to-light technology to perform batch picking. This batch picking configuration allows an operator to pick from one active carousel while the others are pre-positioning the next pick for the moment the operator is ready.

The operator picks the total SKU quantity for all orders in the batch, and distributes the SKU quantity among all of the orders; only visiting that SKU location one time during picking. Batch picking multiple orders on a horizontal carousel at one time can increase productivity up to 66%.

Kardex shuttle XP 1000

Kardex Shuttle

Kardex Shuttle, a computer-controlled automated storage and retrieval system. It is modular in construction and works on the ‘goods to person’ principle.

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