Kardex Shuttle

Kardex Storage and Retrieval System

Stock within the Kardex Shuttle remains stationary on front and rear tray locations. A movable extractor unit travels vertically between two columns of trays and pulls the requested tray from its location and brings it to an access point. The operator picks or replenishes stock and then the tray returns. The Shuttle XP is the solution for high-density storage and increased order picking productivity.

Kardex is a fully automated and intelligent product which simultaneously measures, weighs and allocates products to store them in the most space-efficient location. It is a dynamic vertical storage system with almost unrestricted flexibility in terms of height with units available up to 30 metres high. One unit can carry a gross load of 60 tonnes or more.

Kardex shuttle solutions

Benefits of the Kardex Shuttle

Increased Picking Speed – The Kardex Shuttle presents stock on the “goods to person” principle. The correct tray is brought to the access level. The shuttle will sort stock into an optimum picking sequence, minimising machine travel time. Anticipated improvements in picking productivity of up to 400% are common. Simple software links to your back office system and several machines can be linked together. This ensures that goods are constantly presented to the picker, providing maximum pick efficiency.

Space Savings – Our vertical storage systems have an extremely high capacity within the smallest of footprints. Floor space savings of up to 80% will be typical when compared to conventional storage products.

Health and Safety – The HSE guidelines on manual handling are comprehensive and clearly make employers responsible for introducing automation where possible to avoid the risks associated with manual handling. An estimated 80% of the physical effort associated with manual systems will be eliminated with the introduction of Shuttle XPs.

Further Benefits

Security – The contents of the Kardex Shuttle XP are protected against dust and unauthorised access. The units have internal shutter doors and additional options include PIN access control, fire protection and environmental temperature control.

Supervision and Control – Depending on the layout of the installation,  the whole pickface can be made visible to the supervisor.

Highly Adaptable – As your products shapes, size and quantities change, shuttles lend themselves to adapt to a changing stock profile.  The Kardex Shuttle XP is also easy to uplift and re-assemble on a new site.

Accuracy – Use a pick-to-light system as standard to maximise pick accuracy. Pinpoint laser picking is also available for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems.


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