Vertical Carousels

Benefits of Vertical Carousels at a Glance

The “goods to person” principle has proven itself to be an effective automated order picking technique which has saved thousands of man-hours for our clients. Our Kardex vertical carousel storage system offers solutions for the tooling, stationery, industrial and commercial hardware and consumables, all with one common goal: improved effectiveness of the order picking process.

  • Energy-saving drive technology
  • Maximum security with minimal material consumption
  • Specially engineered control concepts for every application area – “drive-by view”
  • Patent-registered security systems
  • Flexible storage through a comprehensive carrier concept
Automated Storage Carousel - Megamat RS 350

Greater Warehouse Capacity

The Kardex Carousel Megamat RS is an automated vertical storage carousel using the paternoster principle. This high-density storage system enables the greatest possible warehouse capacity. Each Megamat vertical carousel can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be extended as a networked solution as required. The modular structure of a vertical carousel allows for maximum investment security and future adaptability.

At the same time as improving the structure, a significant reduction in material usage has been realised, compared to the previous model. Certain components of the new Kardex Carousel Megamat RS have a reduction in weight of up to 50%.

Energy Efficient Cost Savings

It also requires 40% less energy which has been achieved through the perfect combination of the drive motor, precision-calibrated frequency converter and the use of high-efficiency transmissions. This results in drastically reduced life-cycle costs. Our Kardex vertical storage carousels have environmentally sound management. In recent years a highly efficient energy management system has been developed and integrated into all production and supply processes, recognised for its highly resource-efficient processes

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Horizontal and Vertical Carousels

Our customers can be surprised that Horizontal Carousels can deliver one of the most rapid presentations of goods to man.

Kardex shuttle XP 1000

Kardex Shuttle

Kardex Shuttle, a computer-controlled automated storage and retrieval system. It is modular in construction and works on the ‘goods to person’ principle.

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