Warehouse Dividing Walls

Design and Install Of Dividing Walls

NSI’s service can include full CAD design and building control approval. We will design a fully compliant and safe dividing wall system for you.

  • Ideal for segregating and sub-letting of unutilised space or for creating internal security/safety.
  • We will advise on all Building Control and safe means of escape issues as part of the NSI design process.
  • Warehouse dividing walls are available as plasterboard stud walls, solid steel partitioning or steel mesh partitioning.
  • Can be fire-rated to 30 mins, one hour or two hours of fire protection.
Warehouse dividing wall

No Height Limits

There really is no limit to the height of walls, and our service includes the engineering calculations to ensure the structure is stable, whether free-standing with integral mullions, top tied to your building, or using existing building columns. Any potential wind loading on the warehouse dividing wall also needs to be considered, especially where there is a high density of  large access doors.

Warehouse dividing walls can be manufactured in solid (jumbo stud) configuration, using an internal steel structure lined with plasterboard, in double-skinned steel partitioning, single-skinned steel partitioning or mesh partitioning.


Installation of what can be very tall structures may be less disruptive than you think, typically we can build one of our warehouse dividing walls with just the width of access for a scissor lift required.

Careful planning of the programme and the exclusion of personnel from areas when there is any danger of items falling ensures a safe programme.

Where this cannot be achieved to the satisfaction of us and our client during normal hours, we will often build out-of-hours, overnight or at weekends to suit.

Glazed clean room installation


Our steel partitioning systems have been designed specifically for cleanroom construction and installation.

Double skin steel partitions

Double-Skin Steel Partitioning

Our double-skin steel partitioning is a modular steel partitioning system for office enclosures and divisions.

Mesh warehouse partitioning and security cages

Mesh Partitioning and Security Cages

With mesh partitioning, we can create security cages for hazardous/high-value goods, bonded storage, or for segregate electrical controls.

Single skin partitioned offices

Single-Skin Steel Partitioning

Creating economical metal partitioning offices or dividing walls for a very secure perimeter around any area are all made from the highest quality metal partitions.

We Are SEMA Approved

We have been awarded a Highly Commended Status by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA).

NSI Workplace Equipment

NSI supply a huge range of over 20,000 items of workplace equipment to help fully equip your premises from one, easy to deal with source.

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NSI Projects have over 40 years of experience in delivering great projects for commercial buildings. We partner with leading suppliers and experts to design, procure and install practical and cost effective solutions for our customers.


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