Double-Skin Steel Partitioning

Versatile Working Environment

Where appearance, strength and insulation are required, double-skin steel partitioning for offices or factories offers a versatile and attractive solution for the working environment and is ideal for food areas and clean rooms.

Panels can be supplied in a fully fire-rated version and noise reduction capabilities are also available. Panels are brought to the site pre-manufactured so installation time is minimised.

No wet trades, no mess and minimum disruption to your business.

We also offer a complete range of suspended ceilings with a range of tiles to suit.

Warehouse double skin steel partitioning

Double-skin Steel Partitioning Features

  • Aesthetic, “clean” both sides of the partition
  • Can be fire-rated for up to one hour
  • Double glazed windows with integral blinds are available
  • Additional soundproofing, cable management and security options
  • Easy wipe down
  • All panels can be supplied in a range of colours

Panel Options

  • Full steel
  • Steel / glass / steel
  • Fully glazed
  • Chair rail glazed
  • Timber or steel door
  • Sliding doors, hinged doors and special doors are all available.
Glazed clean room installation


Our steel partitioning systems have been designed specifically for cleanroom construction and installation.

Mesh warehouse partitioning and security cages

Mesh Partitioning and Security Cages

With mesh partitioning, we can create security cages for hazardous/high-value goods, bonded storage, or for segregate electrical controls.

Single skin partitioned offices

Single-Skin Steel Partitioning

Creating economical metal partitioning offices or dividing walls for a very secure perimeter around any area are all made from the highest quality metal partitions.

Warehouse deviding walls full height

Warehouse Dividing Walls

We provide complete or partial compartmentalisation of your workspace.

We Are SEMA Approved

We have been awarded a Highly Commended Status by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA).

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Huboo warehouse exterior

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