Cleanroom Construction and Installation

With two-line junctions, our steel partitioning keeps dust traps to a minimum and its powder-coated finish is an ideal surface for cleanroom environments. It is also completely demountable, enabling one panel to be removed without having to dismantle the whole enclosure. All hardware accessories come in stainless steel as standard due to its excellent ‘clean’ properties ideal for cleanrooms.

In cleanrooms, details such as flush glazing eliminates ledges and improves aesthetics. All seams can be silicone sealed to stop air loss and reduce particle traps. Magnetic blinds are also available, which are controlled with a portable dial, keeping the panel face free from unnecessary clutter.

Maximum performance from our cleanroom solutions is obtained by sealing all joints after installation, including the perimeters to glazed apertures.

When considering a clean room it is also important to think about the specific processes and materials it will be used for. No shredding materials are allowed within cleanrooms and, depending on which class is required, different levels of clothing and cleaning down will be necessary.

NSI can provide a full cleanroom package including air handling, floor coverings and electrics, or will work with your other trades on site.

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Cleanroom Instalation
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