Mezzanine Office

Add to your Existing Office Footprint

A mezzanine office is a great way of providing a new footprint within your existing premises, saving moving costs and upheaval.

NSI can simply and effectively install an office mezzanine floor at your workplace in a relatively short amount of time, with minimum disruption to your operations. Having additional space can create a more comfortable environment for staff and a mezzanine office is also flexible for any future space change requirements.

Office mezzanines

Extending Existing Mezzanines

We can install a mezzanine office onto or underneath your existing mezzanine, or provide a complete office and mezzanine floor combination. We can manage the whole project including building control, electrics and the relocation of any pallet racking or shelving to create more space.

We can also provide a range of additional services and fittings. These include the installation of suspended ceilingsoffice partitioning and small goods lifts, as well as supplying blinds, furniture and screens to achieve your desired work environment.

Design Fit for Purpose

It’s vital you invest time with a committed and interested partner to get the design right for your needs. NSI will sit with you to ensure the design is fit for purpose, traffic flows and all Building Control Regulations that cover office mezzanine floors have been addressed.

We’ll produce CAD drawings showing stairs and means of escape. We can even help you prepare the business case to justify the expenditure on a mezzanine office compared to other forms of office expansion.

Huboo's NSI installed mezzanine floor

Mezzanine Floor Design

Arguably the most important part of a mezzanine project is the mezzanine floor design. This is where the initial requirements, mezzanine floor loadings, specifications and budget are all determined.

Mezzanine floor industrial stairs

Industrial Stairs

Industrial stairs are designed for easy access to mezzanine platforms. At NSI we strive to deliver steel mezzanine stairs of the highest quality.

Mezzanine floor warehouse construction

Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection

Whether or not mezzanine floors will need to be fire rated to the underside depends on the intended use of the mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine floor pallet gate installation

Mezzanine Pallet Gate

A mezzanine pallet gate is an essential safety item which should be used to protect personnel.

Mezzanine floor goods lift surrounded by storage shelves

Mezzanine Floor Goods Lift

Our mezzanine floor goods lift is the perfect unit for those needing to lift and lower big products in-between levels. Heavy loads of up to 2000kg are moved with absolutely no fuss and at a low cost.

Why Use NSI Projects?

NSI Projects have over 40 years of experience in delivering great projects for commercial buildings. We partner with leading suppliers and experts to design, procure and install practical and cost effective solutions for our customers.


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