Mezzanine Floor Goods Lift

Small Goods Lifts

Small, efficient and space-saving, our small goods lifts are indispensable for transporting containers, pallets and trolleys in tight spaces. Thanks to their compact design and stable, free-standing framework construction, a mezzanine floor goods lift requires very little space (in most situations a pit is not required) and can be installed almost anywhere – they can be easily retrofitted to existing floors.

The modular small goods lift system allows for short delivery times and simple assembly on-site without any cutting or welding. With two to six stopping positions and up to 12 doors, travel heights of up to 20 metres can be reached with the mezzanine floor goods lifts we supply. The one or two-wing lift car doors, with or without windows, comply with DIN 18090 fire protection regulations. They can be configured with access in one side and egress through the opposite side if required, or even at right angles.

Mezzanine floor goods lift

Goods Lift Safety Components

The safety components of the small goods lift allow installation above accessible areas. Basic elements naturally include protection from sinking, limiting the operating speed to a maximum of 0.2m/s and overload protection. Light curtains in the lift car access area, protective grating and emergency call equipment complete the package. The mezzanine floor goods lifts are operated externally with call and send controls.

There are very specific areas of health and safety legislation that need to be covered with the installation of a small good lift that are a client’s responsibility. Along with all other aspects of our product offer, you will find NSI will be your proactive partner in ensuring all legal aspects are covered to your satisfaction.

What NSI Projects Offer

  • Free no-obligation site survey and quote to show you what would work best for your needs in your premises.
  • CAD design with full knowledge of the requirements of building regulations and safe means of escape. We’ll then go on to submit all the paperwork for the Building Control Regulations approval on your behalf.
  • Professional SEMA-approved installation with minimal disruption to your operations.
  • A range of low-cost maintenance and servicing plans can be provided to ensure maximum operational availability of your lift.
Huboo's NSI installed mezzanine floor

Mezzanine Floor Design

Arguably the most important part of a mezzanine project is the mezzanine floor design. This is where the initial requirements, mezzanine floor loadings, specifications and budget are all determined.

Mezzanine office above warehouse floor

Mezzanine Office

Installing a mezzanine office could be your ideal cost-effective solution for office expansion.

Mezzanine floor industrial stairs

Industrial Stairs

Industrial stairs are designed for easy access to mezzanine platforms. At NSI we strive to deliver steel mezzanine stairs of the highest quality.

Mezzanine floor warehouse construction

Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection

Whether or not mezzanine floors will need to be fire rated to the underside depends on the intended use of the mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine floor pallet gate installation

Mezzanine Pallet Gate

A mezzanine pallet gate is an essential safety item which should be used to protect personnel.

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