Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection

Fire-rated Ceilings

Mezzanine floor fire protection does not need to affect the look of your workplace. Fire-rated ceilings can look identical to a non-fire-rated suspended ceiling, but use fire-resistant (intumescent) ceiling tiles.

We can also supply and install fire protection to mezzanine staircases, lift enclosures, steel partitioning, office partitioning and multi-level floors where required.

Our mezzanine floor fire rating is made from the highest grade of materials, all of which are certificated to show they have reached the required standard of fire protection.

A typical rating for a fire-rated suspended ceiling would be “one-hour fire rating”. As a basic guide, any mezzanine structure exceeding 20m in one direction would generally be considered for fire rating by the Building Control Inspector, as would a structure that occupies more than 50% of the enclosure (i.e. building or chamber) it sits within.

Reducing Fire-Rated Floor Expense

Requirements often depend on the intended use of the floor, with any activity that involves the continuous occupation of people usually meaning that fire rating of the floor will be required.

However, NSI are experts at designing floors and offices where the expense of fire rating the mezzanine floor can be reduced by designing in other risk-reducing measures instead.

Ceiling Lighting

Lighting choice should also feature heavily in the design – surface-mounted lights (e.g. strip lights) do not require any protection, but recessed lighting units require a protected lighting box or tent above the light module that forms an integral part of the mezzanine floor fire protection.

Huboo's NSI installed mezzanine floor

Mezzanine Floor Design

Arguably the most important part of a mezzanine project is the mezzanine floor design. This is where the initial requirements, mezzanine floor loadings, specifications and budget are all determined.

Mezzanine office above warehouse floor

Mezzanine Office

Installing a mezzanine office could be your ideal cost-effective solution for office expansion.

Mezzanine floor industrial stairs

Industrial Stairs

Industrial stairs are designed for easy access to mezzanine platforms. At NSI we strive to deliver steel mezzanine stairs of the highest quality.

Mezzanine floor pallet gate installation

Mezzanine Pallet Gate

A mezzanine pallet gate is an essential safety item which should be used to protect personnel.

Mezzanine floor goods lift surrounded by storage shelves

Mezzanine Floor Goods Lift

Our mezzanine floor goods lift is the perfect unit for those needing to lift and lower big products in-between levels. Heavy loads of up to 2000kg are moved with absolutely no fuss and at a low cost.

Why Use NSI Projects?

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