Movable Partitioning

Folding and Hanging Partitions

Partition doors, whether folding partitions or hanging movable partitions, offer an adaptable approach to creating many useful areas within the available working space.

A full variety of finishes, textures, heights and colours are available to aesthetically enhance any area and we can either match the movable partitioning to your existing office surroundings or supply you with a completely new look.

Movable partitioning is easy to operate and not just for use in offices and commercial environments but is also perfectly suited for use in schools, hotels, hospitals and village halls. Additions such as blackboards and whiteboards integrated into the partition doors, the choice of variable acoustic ratings and full or half-glazed doors mean they can be highly adaptable and can blend seamlessly into your environment.

Movable partitioning wall partially open

Types of Movable Partitioning

Sliding Folding

Available as top hung or with head and floor tracks. The panels can also be side-hung and then folded. All options have acoustic properties.


These folding partitions simply slide along a head track and the panels are acoustically adapted for sound reduction.

Concertina Room Divider

A lighter version of the operable wall system, and in most cases has a bi-parting to open up the middle of the room. Choosing a concertina room divider leaves you with a portable option for future ease and adaptability.

Top Hung Movable Partition

The partition doors just hang from a top track by a single fixing. They can each unlock and swivel through 90 degrees and be pushed out of the way for access, so they become sliding and folding doors that can be put away neatly with ease.


Fire rated partitions and ceilings

Fire Rated Partitions and Ceilings

Fire-rated partitions and ceilings may be required in part or all of an office fit-out to comply with Building Regulations requirements. The main categories of fire rating range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Glass office partitioning along both sides of a corridor

Glass and Glazed Partitions

Full-height frameless glass partitions create the greatest visual impact in your office refurbishment or development. If your main desire when choosing partition walls is to add a spacious feel to your environment then glazed partitions are an attractive choice to enhance office interiors.

Office partioning creating multiple meeting rooms

Office Partitioning

Office partitioning comes in modern designs that incorporate a full range of materials, including the introduction of frameless glass panel partitions, fire-rated partitions and folding partitions.

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