Odd Shaped Stock? Save Space With The Right Racking.

Optimising space usage is crucial for any warehouse’s success, and maximising storage efficiency can significantly enhance overall productivity.

Choosing the appropriate racking for different types of stock is essential, but awkwardly shaped items can pose several challenges, including wasted space, damaged goods, and operational difficulties during unloading, all of which decrease warehouse efficiency.

Here’s a closer look at various types of challenging stock and the racking solutions that can help address these issues.


Storage for Long and Bulky Items

Long and bulky items often create significant challenges in warehouses, as standard pallet racking systems may lack the horizontal space required to store or separate these items effectively.


Pipework is a prime example of long, bulky, and heavy stock that comes in various sizes, often requiring segregation.

Solution: Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is ideal for storing long and bulky items such as pipework, carpet rolls, metal poles, and other construction materials. Unlike other racking systems, cantilever racking lacks front uprights, facilitating easy loading and unloading. These systems also have high load capacities and are suitable for handling by forklifts and cranes.


Storage for Long and Fragile Items

Although cantilever racking might seem like a universal solution for long items, it isn’t always suitable, particularly for fragile stock.


Timber is an example where certain types are fragile and available in various lengths and types. Stacking them on a cantilever system could cause damage, and the diversity in lengths and types complicates loading and unloading.

Solution: Vertical Racking

Vertical racking systems are effective for storing long, fragile items. Adjustable beams separate the items to prevent damage from leaning and facilitate easier picking.


Storage for Large and Moveable Objects

Moveable stock requires unique storage solutions due to the increased risk of items falling. Typically, these items are boxed, which wastes space and creates delays during unloading.


Vehicle tyres are difficult to store efficiently. Stacking them can lead to collapse, boxing wastes space, and vertical storage is unsafe due to the risk of rolling.

Solution: Dynamic Live Storage Racking System

Dynamic live storage racking systems are perfect for moveable objects, allowing product segregation, easy picker access, forklift handling, and utilizing flow technology. Items are loaded into gravity lanes on one side and carried down to the unloading side, ensuring continuous availability without the need for stacking or boxing.


Storage for Hazardous Items

Storing hazardous items poses challenges due to both their shape and their potentially dangerous nature.


Gas canisters are awkwardly shaped and storing them at height is dangerous. Floor-level storage risks vehicle collisions, and outdoor storage makes them vulnerable to theft.

Solution: Steel Mesh Cage

Steel mesh cages are the optimal solution for securing hazardous items. If your site is secure, consider constructing the cage outside to save indoor warehouse space.


Maximising Warehouse Space

Every warehouse has unique needs, but we hope this blog has provided valuable insights into which racking systems can efficiently manage common awkwardly shaped stock.

For more information on optimising your warehouse space with the right racking solutions, visit our website or contact our team of experts.


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