Lack Of Warehouse Space? Make Your Racking Work Harder.

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Unlocking Warehouse Potential: SEMA’s Approach to Intelligent Racking Investment

In the dynamic landscape of storage and warehouse management, SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association) stands out as a leading voice advocating for intelligent and strategic racking investments. According to SEMA, the challenge of limited warehouse space can be effectively addressed through thoughtful investment in racking systems. This approach not only maximises storage capacity but also prioritises safety, creating a win-win scenario for businesses.

The Wisdom of Strategic Racking Investment

In a market flooded with various racking options, SEMA emphasises that adopting a simplistic approach of filling a warehouse with inexpensive storage equipment is not the most effective strategy. Instead, businesses are encouraged to view racking as a long-term investment that requires careful consideration and planning.

The key to unlocking the full potential of your warehouse lies in investing wisely in racking systems. This involves moving beyond the mindset of simply maximising storage space and opting for the cheapest available option. SEMA members, known for their expertise and experience, are recommended partners in this journey.

Design for Purpose and Longevity

SEMA underscores the importance of designing racking structures for their intended purpose. A one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice when it comes to racking solutions. Suppliers, especially experienced ones like SEMA members, understand the significance of tailoring the design to the unique requirements of the warehouse and its operations.

The longevity of the racking structure is a critical aspect of the investment. Investing in well-designed and purpose-built racking ensures that the structure stands the test of time, providing sustained support for the warehouse’s storage needs. This commitment to quality and durability safeguards the business’s assets and contributes to a safe working environment.

Safety First: Prioritising Employee Well-being

Beyond the quantitative aspects of storage capacity, SEMA places a strong emphasis on safety. A well-designed racking system not only maximises storage efficiency but also creates a secure environment for employees. Safety should always be at the forefront of racking investments, and SEMA members are equipped to guide businesses in achieving this delicate balance between storage optimisation and employee well-being.

SEMA Members: Your Trusted Partners

Choosing the right partners in your racking investment journey is crucial. SEMA members, with their industry expertise and commitment to safety standards, offer comprehensive support throughout the life cycle of your equipment. From initial design to ongoing maintenance, SEMA members provide a holistic approach to racking solutions.

In conclusion, SEMA’s perspective on warehouse space challenges is not just about increasing storage capacity but about doing so intelligently. By viewing racking as a strategic investment and working with experienced suppliers like SEMA members, businesses can unlock the full potential of their warehouse space. This approach not only ensures optimal storage efficiency but also prioritises the safety and well-being of the workforce, creating a balanced and sustainable solution for the evolving needs of the storage industry.


Quality in Racking

When you have a lack of warehouse space you need to choose equipment that will add value and deliver on safety. There are a lot of racking suppliers on the market and it can be hard to distinguish which is the best system for your warehouse.

One advantage of buying products from a SEMA Full or Associate Members is that they subject their products to rigorous and independent assessments. This guarantees structural engineers have designed the product to SEMA Codes. Its structural rigidity meets precise criteria under specified conditions, to bear heavy loads and, once loaded, the rack or its components should not distort.


Warehouse industrial hall racking storage racks

Maximise Your Space

If you have a lack of warehouse space and not enough storage, then redesigning racking might provide a solution. You can achieve efficiencies and extra storage by reducing aisle widths, doubling the racking depth, increasing the height of your storage or even adding additional space with mezzanine flooring.

However, creating a design that will seamlessly blend new equipment into your existing racking requires a significant level of technical knowledge and expertise. Will it improve efficiencies within the warehouse and stretch your storage capacity to the max? Will the design futureproof your storage requirements? Is the space safe for your employees?

Experienced designers, who have the technical knowledge and expertise to design a solution that addresses every space saving step. SDCs work closely with our manufacturing members and this relationship allows them privileged access to their technical departments. When they create a new design it comes with assurances it will be compatible with existing equipment and designed to meet new weight requirements and clearance.

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Racking Installation – Don’t Invalidate Your Warranty!

The installation stage is just as critical as the design and quality of your equipment. Has the installer used the correct number and type of floor fixings? Is the racking sufficiently shimmed and fixings positioned and tightened to manufacturers’ tolerances? Getting this wrong will greatly impact on not only the safety of the equipment but also its longevity. It is also a legal requirement for you to ensure the installer is ‘competent’.

Maintaining high installation standards is especially important when dovetailing equipment into your existing system. SDCs and SEMA Approved Installation Companies (SAIC) use SEIRS trained installers, a unique initiative from SEMA that aims to raises standards at the point of installation. SEIRS instructs installers on the safe and correct methods of installation to meet SEMA defined standards and manufacturer specifications.

One last consideration is whether the work will impact on the warranty for your current racking. Through the supportive structure of SEMA, Distributor and Installation companies are qualified to conduct work on behalf of SEMA manufacturers. That means any remedial or alteration work undertaken by these companies will not invalidate your warranty.

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Ongoing Costs

Investing wisely in your storage equipment doesn’t stop once it has been installed. To deliver on longevity of your equipment and, perhaps more importantly, the safety of your workforce, you need to make sure your racking is properly maintained. This means implementing a continuous routine of maintenance that includes regular inspections by employees who have received Rack Safety Awareness training on how to correctly use the equipment.

The HSE also recommends an annual expert inspection undertaken by a technically competent person who has sufficient training and knowledge. To support this, we operate our SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI) initiative. These highly qualified professionals must successfully pass our intensive three-day training course, written examination and practical assessment to achieve their qualification. A report from a SARI provides you with clear guidance on the condition of your equipment and uses a traffic light system to indicate actions required and over what timescale.

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