Mezzanine Floor Design

Initial Requirements for Mezzanine Floor Design

NSI Projects will design your mezzanine floor to meet the exact requirements of your business. Your design is vital to optimise use of the warehouse or interior space and subtle design changes can often avoid otherwise unnecessary costly additions.

We possess extensive knowledge and experience in mezzanine floor design. Our team of skilled designers understands the intricacies of space optimisation and workflow efficiency. We collaborate closely with our clients to assess their unique requirements, ensuring that every design aspect is tailored to their specific needs. Trust our expertise to bring your vision to life and create a mezzanine floor that exceeds your expectations.

Mezzanine floor design for small office

Structural Engineer Designed

Our mezzanine floor designs are backed by meticulous calculations and precise measurements. We consider factors such as load capacities, structural integrity, and compliance with building regulations to ensure a safe and reliable solution. From height extensions to floor area gains, we provide quantitative data that demonstrates the impact our designs can have on your space. Let our expertise and attention to detail deliver a solution that maximises both functionality and aesthetics.

Safe and Timely Installation

We know you want to continue to run your business at the same time as we install, and we know you want us to run a safe site. So we place much importance on the design of a safe and timely installation programme which minimises your disruption and maximises the safety of your workers and our installers. It’s our experienced Project Management and Design Team that enables us to do this better than any other mezzanine design company.

Mezzanine office above warehouse floor

Mezzanine Office

Installing a mezzanine office could be your ideal cost-effective solution for office expansion.

Mezzanine floor warehouse construction

Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection

Whether or not mezzanine floors will need to be fire rated to the underside depends on the intended use of the mezzanine floor.

Why Use NSI Projects?

NSI Projects have over 40 years of experience in delivering great projects for commercial buildings. We partner with leading suppliers and experts to design, procure and install practical and cost effective solutions for our customers.


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