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Anti-Collapse Mesh and Racking Mesh

The cladding of single runs of racking to prevent items falling on pedestrian traffic below is a safety requirement as laid down by SEMA and endorsed by the HSE.

We can supply and install the more traditional steel panels, anti-collapse mesh system or increasingly the more flexible anti-collapse netting system, supplied in a range of sizes.

Anti-Collapse Mesh Netting Systems

Due to the range of options and range of benefits, NSI is more often installing netting systems for our clients. Some clients are even retro-fitting as a preferred option over the traditional steel panel systems.

  • Proven Safe Systems: Our RackNets™ 3.0 and RackNets™ 5.0 designs provide a solution that has been assessed by the National Physics Laboratory for the containment of a 1000kg pallet load. A copy of the report is available on request. For the containment of boxes of up to 50kg only we recommend our RackNets 2.3 system..
  • Reduced Installation Time: One of the key benefits of the RackNets™ system is that all parts have been specified to reduce installation time whenever possible and not to simply provide the cheapest material cost.  Our net system can be installed at a typical rate of 300m2 to 500m2 per day for a team of two men, which is 50% to 100% faster than traditional steel anti collapse systems.
  • Maintenance Free: The net is generally maintenance free over the life of the installation and the net can be removed for cleaning. RackNets™ are flexible, lightweight and require less structural support from the racking.
  • Various Net Sizes: The Standard RackNets™ sizes are as follows: 40 x 40 x 2.3mm has a strength of 0.8kN per mesh and a weight of 90g/m2, 45 x 45 x 3mm has a strength of 1.25 kN per mesh and a weight of 148g/m2, 45 x 45 x 5mm has a strength of 3.2kN per mesh and a weight of 402g/m2
  • Verified loadings: Where Gripple cable solutions are specified all cable end fixings are supplied swaged onto the wire to ensure consistent load capacity.  Both the unique Gripple Locking device and the cable assembly are fully tested and certificates are available on request.
  • Damage resistant: Our RackNets™ are extremely damage resistant and will not corrode, rust or dent. This facilitates the storing of oversized materials.
  • Consistent loading capacity: All eyebolts are supplied swaged to the wires and the Gripple system ensures that all wires have a consistent loading capacity that cannot be changed by the installation teams during installation.

Steel Mesh Panel Anti-Collapse

A 50mm gauge mesh is installed in a brick pattern using standoff brackets normally 150mm from the back of the rack. It would typically be installed where single runs of pallet racking back on to an area where pedestrian or fork-lift truck traffic could be hit by product collapsing out of the rear of the rack. This mesh racking protections is usually installed when the pallet racking goes up initially, but we can also retro fit this for you and we install safely using scissor lifts etc. to comply with all HSE requirements.

Steel anti-collapse mesh panels can also form an integral part of Aerosol and Explosives Cages, although the gauge and duty of the mesh used needs to be carefully selected in liaison with insurers and Building Control/Fire Officers. NSI source product from a range of suppliers so can always find the most economical equipment for your situation.

Anti-Collapse Mesh and Racking Mesh

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